Solution – Mediverse Pro Table

Our cutting-edge anatomy table offers an innovative way to study and understand the human body. With its advanced 3D technology, the anatomy table provides an interactive and immersive learning experience for students, medical professionals, and researchers.


  • High Quality 3D Models
  • Virtual Surgeries
  • Treatment Simulations
  • Medical Procedures

Ideal for

  • Medical Students
  • Researchers
  • Doctors
  • Other Healthcare Professionals
solution mediverse pro table

Table Segments

Mediverse Pro Table Alpha
Engineered for High school and secondary level students
Provides a large, flat surface on which students can explore and learn about the different anatomical structures of the human body.
User friendly, durable, adjustable & movable.
Includes Interactive Software/Touch screen to enhance the learning experience.
Mediverse Pro Table Pro
Designed for medical students, medical professionals, and other individuals who require a more advanced understanding of human anatomy.
Provides larger working space
Includes more detailed and complex anatomical structures than Alpha.
May include adjustable lighting to provide optimal visibility of anatomical structures.
May include a variety of tools and equipment, such as dissection kits, surgical instruments, and magnifying lenses, to enhance the learning and exploration process.
table segment